Walter Wisniewski – Paragon Capital Owner and Founder

Many transitions can be fiscally and physically challenging. Walter Wisniewski has dedicated his life to helping others with tax planning, asset management, risk management and estate planning during life changes. Through Paragon Capital Walter Wisniewski, he uses his music and financial advising experience to compose a comforting duet in capital management.

Since 1991, Walter Wisniewski Paragon has managed finances for those looking for quality investment consulting, advanced planning and relationship maintenance. He is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner and the founder, CEO and President of the Paragon Capital management organization. He also has a bachelor’s degree from the Manhattan School of Music and a Master’s from Columbia.

When he first started his vocational voyage, Wisniewski had a career as a concert pianist and uses that experience while teaching clients about money matters. After his own transition of healing following his older brother’s death, Wisniewski found the remedial connection one can have with music. He hopes to put his clients at a similar ease while preparing for current or upcoming shifts in their lives.

Wisniewski is a piano man with a passion for financial success. His professional memberships include the Financial Planning Association and Rotary International. His continuing education on mediation and collaborative divorce gave him the accolades of being a divorce financial specialist.

If he isn’t tinkering with tunes and managing money, Wisniewski spends time with his family and his other hobbies. He enjoys outdoor sports like fishing and boating and activities like reading and writing. He wrote The Musical Flow of Money, a guide to finding an independent financial future. Paragon Capital Management allows Wisniewski to use music to help his clients take control of their finances.